There is no better option than a solid oak sideboard from Nestatnumber20 if you are unhappy with the design in your dining room or are searching for the essential finishing touch. Oak sideboards are excellent for a number of reasons and can breathe new life into a space. Our oak sideboards are a superb complement to any dining room since they provide exceptional functionality and style.

What is a Sideboard?

The Victorian and Edwardian eras saw the widespread use of sideboards as a decorative element in dining rooms. The term ‘sideboard’ comes from its placement alongside the eating area, where it made cutlery and glasses more accessible. The majority of modern sideboards contain drawers and cabinets, offering versatile storage. Since sideboards are often lower than a bookcase or display cabinet, they can be placed near windows and won’t overwhelm the space.

What is a Sideboard Used For?

A sideboard’s primary purpose is to add extra storage space for your dining room or kitchen tools and tableware. Some sideboards can also be utilised to store extra items like blankets or gaming consoles. A sideboard can either store or display your possessions, depending on the design- or both! Additionally, sideboards are utilised as decorative items to give a space depth or a particular style. You may choose the ideal sideboard to match or harmonise with your current dining/living room furniture thanks to the wide selection of stunning sideboards available!

What Else is a Sideboard Used For?

Do you wish there was a spot where you could have an extra set of hands when entertaining in your dining room, perhaps a staging area for the delectable dinner you’ve prepared? Sideboards do exactly that by providing a place to showcase food and beverages to the side of the dining room table. Perfect with Christmas rapidly approaching, but great all year round for family meals and entertaining friends. 

How Should I Style My Sideboard?

The flat top of sideboards makes lovely display spaces even if they are designed to free up your hands when entertaining and serving meals. When the sideboard isn’t in use, add visual interest to your dining area, but avoid overcrowding it with trinkets or it will lose its appeal. A stylish sideboard may ‘complete’ your space by adding an extra touch of style, making a statement along a wall that might otherwise be empty, and serving as a place to display paintings or vases.

Why You Need a Sideboard From Us

We provide solid pine and oak sideboards in sizes ranging from huge 9-foot models to smaller 2-foot pieces. We can promise that our sideboards are handcrafted from solid sustainable pine and oak, just like the other furniture we offer for your home. Our skilled and knowledgeable crew crafts them using traditional methods, and we finish them in the top quality and attractive Farrow and Ball paint colour of your choice.

Practical Storage Solutions

Our solid pine and oak sideboards are not only elegant but also incredibly functional. Our sideboards come with a range of small and large cabinet areas, slide-out drawers, wine racks, and other storage options. You’ll have enough space for your homewares with all of these organised, spacious storage features. Our sideboards’ sturdy construction ensures remarkable durability and long life for your new piece of furniture.

Adding Colour to Your Room

The sideboard is a fantastic way to add colour to your dining or living room. Historically, only the stain changed the colour of sideboards that were constructed of wood. There are as many materials available for sideboards now as there are for cabinetry, from sleek, modern finishes in vivid colours to classic painted wood. Your dining room will adore that splash of colour to brighten it up and give the dining room table and chairs some added complements.