Are you looking for a statement piece for your kitchen or dining room?  Do you want to blend tradition with practicality and style? Are you after some new storage and display ideas for your home?  Why not take a look at the range of beautiful Welsh dressers we have here at Nest at Number 20 for inspiration!

Why Go Welsh?

A Welsh dresser is usually a painted pine dresser.  It is similar to a sideboard in that there are roomy cupboards for storage in the bottom half.  However, the top half of the dresser generally consists of shelves for displaying your wares as well as a sideboard section.  These dressers give you so much more scope for storage and display than a sideboard or a chest of drawers alone can. Some of our available pieces have glass display cabinet style cupboards, allowing you to show off special pieces of homeware or collections you may have such as beautiful paperweights, intriguing fossils and shells or literary classics.

Why Our Dressers?

Our dressers are handcrafted in the UK and are only made from locally sourced solid oak and pine. A piece like this in your home makes a real statement. Some of our dressers are more traditional- great for farmhouse style kitchens.  Others in the range have beautiful coloured finishes which would complement any stylish modern home. Here at Nest at Number 20 we have a range of styles and sizes to suit any home. 

Styling Ideas

A Welsh dresser is a focal point in the home.  Their open top halves allow you and your guests to admire pottery, art, flowers and any other decorative items you may wish to display.  The sideboard area is great for a fruit bowl, decanters or can even double up as a TV stand. Some of our pieces have cupboards on the top half section, allowing you to shut away the day to day paraphernalia of a busy home.  You could store board games in any of the cupboards, tuck away children’s crafting supplies or use for your personal filing.  You can of course keep your cutlery and chinaware in the cupboards and drawers, which was the original storage use for dressers in the home.  

Put Your Own Spin on Things

Why not consider what you want to champion in your home.  What are you proud of?  What pieces in your home make you smile?  These are the items you should showcase on your Welsh dresser!  One home may have a collection of treasures collected on a nature walk.  Another kitchen may boast a dresser displaying works of art carefully crafted by little ones at school or nursery.  Across the street a dresser could be home to a growing collection of trendy gins or designer whiskies with some gorgeous glasses.

Why not…?

Put a Welsh dresser in your living room?  The combination of storage and display is so versatile around the home.  Your living room might be a stylish, peaceful haven-surely you would want to be able to see some of your most treasured decorative pieces nearby as you sit and relax?  Or perhaps your living room is a busy family space?  A Welsh dresser could give you the storage you need, but with the advantage of being able to tidy away bits and pieces that aren’t being used all of the time.  

Whatever the storage and display needs are for your home, we will be able to help you make your decision here at Nest at Number 20.  So why not check out our range of beautiful Welsh dressers today?