Regardless of what colour of painted pine or oak welsh dresser you have, there is actually a lot of great things you can do to enhance how they look and further enhance the overall look and feel of the room. in the following post, we will look not just at how you can improve the actual decor of the dresser, but how you can arrange what you have stored and displayed on and inside it to achieve a more stylish look.

Make Good Use Of Symmetry

Symmetry can be incredibly helpful to make things look considered and calm. If the welsh dresser you have has glass cabinet doors, the panes can be used like guidelines so that you can place things in a specific way to make them look great.

Choose Airy and Light

If you want the room its placed in and the actual solid pine welsh dresser itself to have a very uncluttered look and feel, displaying your glassware alone will achieve this. By choosing a neutral Farrow and Ball paint colour you can also add to this airy feel. Compared to a darker coloured finish and if you used a lot of colourful and bright items, in which case it would dominate the room more.

Tie Everything Together

It is not the colour scheme of just the things on and in the dresser that you should be aware of when trying to make it look as good as it can. Pay attention to the key colours of items displayed and co-ordinate other items throughout the room with similar colours and tones to help highlight these tones more. This ties everything in the room together.

Make A Bold And Colourful Statement

At Nest At Number 20, you have the option to have the solid pine or oak welsh dresser of your choice in any Farrow and Ball paint colour for no extra cost. This can give you the opportunity to opt for something very neutral that will help your dresser sink nicely into the background of the room. However, if you choose instead a more bright and bold colour, you can actually transform the welsh dresser into a focal point and statement piece for the room. Think bright and bold primary colours, such as red, blue or even green. This will work especially well if the room you are placing the welsh dresser has a lot of whites and creams.

Less Is More

Remember the old adage, less is more? This is very apt when it comes to choosing what to display and what not to display on a welsh dresser if you don’t want it to appear too cluttered. Rather than using every inch of available space to display every single piece of ceramics or clay; choose the most important or most striking items and let them shine. You can also choose to display the pieces that are all part of the same theme. For instance, if you have a lot of bird ornaments, you could use your welsh dresser to display all of these in all their glory.

Whatever you plan to do with your current welsh dresser or if you are deciding to buy a new one, with the right amount of forethought you can have a great looking piece of furniture that elevates the look and feel of your home. Take a look at the painted pine welsh dressers available from Nest At Number 20 if you are looking to buy a completely new piece. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact the team there and they will be more than happy to help you out.