A solid wood welsh dresser, especially one painted in your favourite Farrow and Ball colour, can be an excellent edition to just about any room in your home. If you have bought one or plan to, like those available from Nest at Number 20, you may want a little help getting the best out of it. In the following post, therefore, that’s what we are going to look at – tips for how to organise your new piece of furniture in a stylish way.

Display and Store that Fancy China

The most common use for a welsh dresser is to put your best china and crockery on display. If you have a few matching sets that you want to show off and your painted welsh dresser has glass doors, you can protect them from gathering dust, while keeping them visible. Too many pieces to fit? Don’t try and stuff it all in. Rather, pick out the items that look best together and so it doesn’t look too cluttered. You can easily just stow away the other items in the closed doors and drawers below.

Display and Store Everyday Items

If you do not have an extensive china set or don’t tend to use it often, you may want to use your painted welsh dresser for more everyday items. By arranging your most used glassware, crockery and cookware on your dresser, you will have an elegant, yet functional display.

Add Little Extras Here and There

One way to really make your dresser and the items you are displaying really stand out is by adding extra pieces here and there. Unscented candles, peculiarities that you’ve picked up on walks in the countryside and vases with flowers are all great choices. As well as providing the space with some colour, you can also then use the vases as hassle-free centrepieces at the dinner table.

Use Hooks for Teacups and Mugs

You can add an extra bit of interest to the uniformity of stacked plates and bowls, by installing a set of cup/mug hooks beneath a shelf and using them for mugs and teacups. As well as making the painted pine dresser look more interesting and appealing, it has a practical benefit of freeing up some valuable shelf space. In order to make sure you have the necessary space, arrange the cupboards before installing the cup hooks, so you know exactly where everything is going to go.

Store Things Together in Terms of Use

Rather than just trying to fit things into the dresser to fill as much space up, take some time to think about where everything is going to go. Consider storing things together that are normally used at the same time. So, teacups and saucers, party accessories and crockery, glasses and pitchers. Not only will this have a more attractive look and feel, it offers practicality as you will always know where the things you need are, rather than trying to rummage through random stacks of items.

Stack and Lean

Although you may be tempted to either stack or lean all the items, it gives a much more dramatic effect and uses the available space better if you mix and match. While dinner and side plates and bowls can easily be stacked on top of one another, larger, cumbersome items like platters are best placed leaning against the back of the dresser. Plate stands can be incorporated to ensure leaning things don’t fall and smash. When arranging items this way, start by leaning the platters or other similar items first, then stack the plates or bowls in front, to use to space most effectively.