Beautiful hand-made wooden furniture is an investment for your home and should work for you and your space. At Nestatnumber20 we have some delightful smaller options so that everyone can have hand-crafted solid pine and oak pieces in their home regardless of the dimensions of the space. We also offer a bespoke service, so do get in touch to discuss your furniture needs.

Scaled-down Looks

Your furniture mustn’t overwhelm your smaller spaces at home. We recommend that pieces do not brush up against the boundaries of the room. To create an idea of roominess, ensure there is a little space between furniture and your walls. W have some gorgeous smaller units such as this 4ft Rustic Sideboard With Crates which gives you great storage and display options, without overwhelming your room. We also have this lovely Handmade Painted Sideboard which comes with the option of either a painted pine worktop, an solid oak worktop or a waxed pine worktop. 

Lower Pieces Elevate Your Space

If you are furnishing a smaller room, then an effective tip is to include a low-level piece of furniture to create a sense of openness due to the extra space above them. This 4ft Painted Tv Unit is great to tuck away clutter and keep your space more minimalist. An excellent other option is this classic Shaker Style 3ft Solid Pine TV cabinet.  With its slightly less solid design, the slim legs help create a sense of space around the piece in your room. Lower-sized furniture also gives you more scope to display decorative items and then still keep a large wall area free above it to create a further sense of space. 

Mirrors to Create Light and Space

Utilising mirrors is an effective way to give a greater sense of space in your home. They not only reflect light but enhance vision, tricking the eye into thinking there is more room. Mirrors look excellent above lower units such as sideboards like this neat 3ft Painted Sideboard. If you place the furniture and mirror opposite or at right angles to a window then this instantly creates a greater sense of space and light in your home. 

The Power of White

White is reflecting, as we all know. It widens a space, giving it an airy, light, serene feeling. It only makes this cloud-like impression more pronounced to paint the walls and ceiling the same hue of white. Additionally, it helps to blur the difference between the wall and the ceiling, which directs your gaze upward and gives the illusion that the ceiling is higher. White is a fantastic choice because it streamlines a space and highlights the architecture in small spaces that can easily look cluttered. This then means that you can bring in amazing feature pieces of furniture such as a bespoke sideboard or chest of drawers from Nestatnumber20 finished in a gorgeous shade of Farrow and Ball paint.

Extra Ways to Create a Greater Sense of Space

Another brilliant way to create a roomier feel in a smaller space is to avoid having overlong or heavy curtains. Blinds tend to take up less room and fit closer to windows, meaning they help create a sense of space in your home. If you want curtains, then aim to have a pole that extends past the ends of the window so that you can expose the whole window when the curtains are open. If you remove rugs then this will also help to open up your available floor space This means that you will be able to include the furniture pieces of your choice to complete your look such as this 3ft Handmade Bookcase.