If you are in the market for some brand new wooden furniture, you should look into investing in pine. As pine is a lot softer compared to other wood, you may be worried that it just won’t stand the test of time. However, it is also known to be robust, which is why so many people choose various pieces of furniture, including tables, dressers and cabinets in pine. Obviously, it is not just the softness and the robustness that make this a popular choice, there is also the fact that pine is considerably cheaper than the alternatives, while still being of high quality. Pine furniture such as dressers, sideboards and TV cabinets can be purchased from the British company Nest At Number 20.

If you are still finding it intimidating, trying to pick out the right furniture, there are several things you should take into consideration that we will discuss in the post below.

Furniture Purpose

One of the most important things to consider when buying either finished or unfinished pine wood furniture is what it will actually be used for and where. Perhaps you need all your pine furniture to match with the same stain or paint colour. You need to be careful though, because as we stated at the start of the post, pine is a very soft wood and could dent or scratch easily. It is therefore recommended you try and find pine furniture that is stained, as this provides protection for it against heavy, regular use.


The way certain furniture looks is also something that you should think carefully about when try to decide which pine furniture you will buy, whether its stained or not. Obviously, as any piece of furniture you buy is going to take up some space in your home, you should be keenly concerned about whether it will match everything else you own or not. The one word of warning we would give you is, if you are buying unstained you need to know that it will eventually mildew and darken.

However, as stained pine furniture often features a very light stain, this may not be to your taste. Therefore if you are looking for a darker finish and the other qualities of pine match your needs, you should choose to invest in a piece of furniture made from unstained wood.

The Cost

It is never wise to buy something just based on the price, but it is something you should use s a guide at the very least. You are probably aware that unstained furniture does not cost as much as stained furniture does. This is mainly due to the fact that there is less work involved in unstained furniture. When you come across a piece of pine furniture that is a seemingly good and low price, you need to think carefully and investigate whether it is low cost because it has been made to a low standard or because of low labour costs. A large percentage of stained furniture, for example, is made from wooden veneers instead of solid pieces of wood. While, unstained furniture tends to be made from solid pieces of wood.

Wood Quality

Value for money is something that should be at the top of the list, regardless of what you are buying. And following on from the cost of the furniture, you need to look at the actually quality of the wood and whether it is giving you good value. One of the easiest ways to determine pretty quickly whether or not a piece of wooden furniture is made with good quality wood or not, is check the number of screws turned into the wood. There is an industry rule that suggests with the manufacturing of wooden furniture, the more screws used, the less well made it is. If it is a dresser or sideboard you are looking at, there should be no gaps or sags and the doors and drawers should all fit perfectly.