Sideboards are a reliably great addition to any room in your home.Even if you have been mostly familiar with them being used in the dining roomor a reception area, they can be utilised in various ways. In the following article, we hope to provide you with some new and creative ways to use a sideboard, like those available from Nest at Number 20.


A sideboard can be used in a kitchen in a very similar way to how it is more traditionally used in a dining room – as a classy attention-grabbing piece that also provides effective and functional storage. As you can now buy painted pine or oak sideboards in just about any colour, it is not difficulty matching it with your existing or planned colour scheme and decor. As well providing additional storage space for crockery, glassware and anything else, you can also use the top of a sideboard as an additional island for serving meals and food.

Home Office

If the sideboard you choose has drawers this can make for a very practical addition to your home office area. It can be used to keep the place free of clutter, because the less cluttered a thinking and working space is,the more productive it is reckoned you could and should be.

Dining Room

Although this is the traditional place to have a sideboard, you could have fun with it and use it in a new and exciting way. One great idea would beto use the drawers and cupboard space as you normally would but then to use the flat surface on top and the shelves as places for displaying heirlooms,ornaments and other trinkets and objects of interest you may have in your home.

Living Room

Similarly, a sideboard can fulfil the same role in a living room or family room. You can display trinkets or even family photos and other items of sentimental value. From a storage point of view, they can also be used to store away DVDs, games, board games and anything else you want to have close to hand in your living room, but out of sight. If you have young children, the cupboards and drawers make for an excellent place to hide all that plastic and plush stuff away once your little one settles down for the night.

Your Bedroom

Dressing tables, vanities and chests of drawers have always been mainstays of master bedrooms. Are you looking to do something a little different? You could invest in a sideboard and then have the benefit of all that storage space, a beautiful oak or pine grain and nice painted finish. What’s more, you could display jewellery so it is easy to reach or even just have a mirror set up and some photographs.

Reception Area /Hallway

A hallway or reception area, especially if it is near the front door of your property, can be a great place to have a solid pine or oak painted sideboard. Not only will you and your guests be welcomed by that sophisticated piece of furniture the moment you or they enter the house, but it also has great practical value. You can have a space to leave all your keys when you are home and ready to settle in for night with no planson leaving again. You can also use it as a nice place to store anything you don’t have space in your kitchen, dining room or even living room. Storing it in a nice talking point piece of furniture is a great way of adding an additional layer to the décor of your home, while ensuring that your storage needs are met too.