What is a Sideboard?

Sideboards have always traditionally been placed next to or near dining tables.  Originally, tables were boards on trestles and the sideboard would be nearby to allow servants or families to access serving dishes, beverages, and utensils easily.

In our modern homes, there is so much more flexibility to furnish our living rooms in a way that suits our needs and tastes, without the constraints that families previously faced. They are generally a set of cupboards or cabinets, which have one or two drawers and a flat surface at the top for display purposes. Take a look at our stunning collection of handpainted solid wooden sideboards here at Nest at Number 20.

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Storage Ideas For Your Sideboard

Sideboards are brilliant to use as versatile storage in different rooms in your home.  Most of our sideboards are a combination of cupboards and drawers, but we do have a couple of options if you feel you don’t need drawers for storage in the room where you are placing your sideboard. You can use them in a dining room or kitchen diner to store your dinner plates and serving dishes. Drawers can be used for tablemats, napkins, coasters, or cutlery and utensils. If the sideboard is to be used in a sitting room, then they are great for storing board games, equipment for your hobbies, arts and crafts supplies, or even children’s toys. 

Other Sideboard Uses

Our sideboards can also be used in bedrooms for storing clothing, shoes, or personal items such as makeup and hairstyling equipment. We also love that sideboards can be used in a children’s playroom to store their toys away when not in use and give you more floor space for playing! Sideboards in kitchens give you great extra cupboard space for baking equipment and ingredients or classic pantry essentials such as tinned and jarred goods. Teatowels and handtowels stash away brilliantly in sideboard drawers, as do items such as tea cosies and over gloves when not in use, keeping your home clutter free for you, your family, and visitors to enjoy. 

Sideboards For Display

Using the top of your sideboard for displaying items in your home is a great way of using the furniture effectively and attractively. Items such as framed photographs and candlesticks look lovely in a sitting room or dining room.  In a kitchen or kitchen diner then a vase of flowers and a jar candle will look gorgeous and easy to switch up with the seasons to complement your home. Glass or crystal decanters of spirits such as whisky, sherry, and port, and your best glassware look wonderful on top of one of our solid pine sideboards. Some of our customers also choose to display their favourite artisan and designer spirit collections along with their fanciest glasses too on the lovely oak sideboard flat surface.

Why Choose Our Sideboards?

At Nest at Number 20, we have an amazing collection of gorgeous handpainted solid wooden sideboards for you to choose from for your home. Our range of solid pine sideboards includes everything from generous 9-foot models down to modest 2-foot pieces. Like the other pieces of furniture for sale on our website, we can promise that our sideboards were constructed from locally sourced natural pine. We finish them in the exclusive and lovely Farrow and Ball paint colour of your choice. Our skilled and experienced crew uses traditional skills to construct our sideboards.

Painted Sideboards for Sale | TV Sideboards | Pine Wood Sideboard | White Painted Sideboard