Working from home means that you may be able to have a home office, or at least a home office area in your house.  You will need furniture that works for you and your space so that you can focus on the task at hand, as well as creating a pleasant work environment for you and others in your family to use. Creating the perfect home office can also be useful if you have children or teenagers at home who require a space at the weekend or in the evening to complete homework or other studies. Here at Nest at Number 20, we have a wonderful range of solid pine and oak furniture to help you complete your home office.  

Bookcases and Drawers For Your Home Office

Every home office should have a bookcase for storage and display.  You might need reference books to help you with your work, or perhaps some favourite novels for when you are taking a break.  Bookcases can also be great for storing files and paperwork, for both business and personal record-keeping. You could also display some of your favourite decorative pieces on the shelves to brighten up your day as you work.  Sets of drawers are also very useful in a home office area as you can use them for storing documents, stationery and other home office supplies such as printer paper.  Pine Storage Furniture | Pine Drawers For Sale | Painted Oak Shelves.

Sideboards in Your Home Office

Although not an obvious choice, sideboards can be fantastic storage in a home office or study area. They allow you to shut away all of your work paraphernalia when you switch off for the day, meaning that you can still use the room or area in your home for non-work activities without constant reminders about your next work project.  From the bigger 9-foot versions down to the smaller 2-foot pieces, we offer a variety of solid pine sideboards. Our sideboards, along with the other furniture for sale on our website, are guaranteed to be constructed from locally sourced natural pine. We finish them with the exclusive and lovely Farrow and Ball paint colour of your choice thanks to the ability and experience of our brilliant and experienced staff who construct them using traditional techniques. Painted Sideboards for Sale | TV Sideboards | Pine Wood Sideboard | White Painted Sideboard.

Multi-Use Furniture For Multi-Use Rooms

We know that not everyone is able to dedicate a room in their home wholly for home office use.  Sometimes a home office has to double up as a cosy den, or a bright playroom.  You could consider placing a tv cabinet in your home office to help you make the most out of a multi-purpose room or space in your home.  For example, you could pop the news on, or have your favourite show on in the background as you work.  A teenager could use the room with friends for gaming after school, and younger children could watch a movie at the weekend as you get on with your hobbies or household chores.  Our TV media units come with roomy storage cupboards so that you can fill them with your work equipment and keep it out of sight when the room is being used by others. Some pieces also come with drawers and shelves, which are great for smaller items and for displaying books and decorative pieces. We want to help you make the most out of each room in your house so that you can enjoy your home on your own or with your family and friends. TV Media Units | Solid Pine TV Cabinet.