A painted solid pine sideboard, like those available at Nest at Number 20, has various uses such as displaying special crockery, including silver and ceramic, and serving food. Normally it features a flat surface on top, cabinets and drawers. If you have been thinking of buying one, but are not really sure if it is worth the investment or not, it may help you to make your mind up by looking at the various benefits you can avail yourself of when you invest in one.

Store Various Cookware and Crockery

Having to root around your cupboards for the right piece of crockery can make serving your guests, especially those who turned out blue, can be hard. With a solid pine sideboard though, you have a much easier place to find what you need ion double quick time. As noted at the outset, you can store all the crockery and cookware in one place, so you never have to search high and low again.

Display Your Treasured Collections

Have you won a lot of sports trophies or other competitions where you’ve been given awards? A sideboard painted could be an excellent place to put these on display. Rather than investing in an expensive display unit, you could arrange them on a sideboard. As there are multiple uses of a sideboard, it doesn’t have to be just used for displaying trophies and awards though.

Store Kid’s Toys Out of the Way

If you have young kids that are at that age where they have a lot of bright coloured plastic toys, you may keep a percentage of these in your dining room or living room, if only to spare some space in their own bedroom. The only problem is that having a bunch of vibrant coloured kids’ toys in your living room when its adult time after your kids have gone to bed, can be unsightly. Take back some of your space and invest in a sideboard, that can not only be used to store important documents and other items in your living room, but also your kids’ toys, so they are out of sight and out of mind.

Use it to Set-up Lights and Lamps

If you have lights or lamps in your dining room or living room, you could make use of a sideboard to display them. The top of the unit is ideal for placing your lights and lamps to help provide illumination for the room. If they have wide enough or big enough shelves, you could also use those to display lights.

Creative and Practical Decorative Piece

Not only are you able to choose the best Farrow and Ball paint colour if you buy a painted pine sideboard from Nest at Number 20, meaning it can bring a touch of creativity and colour to your room, it can also be used to interesting display some well-chosen items.

Line Up your Favourite Drinks

Do you have a growing collection of fine alcoholic drinks, such as spirits, wines and other liquid treats? A sideboard is a great place to display these treasures. Store all the bottles of liquor along the top and on the shelves and use the cupboard space at the bottom.

Rein in Your Clutter

Do you find that you have a lot of stuff taking up a lot of space in the dining room or living room? A painted pine sideboard is an attractive way to keep all your important documents, notebooks and other items out of the way. You still want those kinds of things close to hand, but just want a tidier room