When you are looking for some furniture, it’s easy to just look for one priority. You might be looking for the cheapest, or the most indestructible, or the easiest to put together. But when you want a combination of those things, then it all gets a little more complicated. So we are here to talk about the versatility of quality pine furniture.

Sometimes people think that, as pine is a soft wood, that it won’t be as durable as other woods. This isn’t the case; in fact, there are over 100 different sorts of pine. They grow all over the northern hemisphere and they provide us with very hardwearing furniture. The Wood Database, which tests various woods for durability and other characteristics, explains that shortleaf pine is as strong as red oak.

One of the most charming of characteristics about pine is that it is naturally knotty. Those lines you see in pine furniture are in the wood and are entirely random, which means each piece of pine furniture is entirely unique to the owner. No two pieces are ever the same. This is why pine lends itself so readily to simply staining or varnishing, these options let the beauty of the wood come out.

If you do want to paint pine it covers very easily. This is why it is an excellent choice particularly for children’s bedrooms; you know you have a good product that will stand the test of time and you can easily paint it and even repaint it as it gets passed down from one child to another. This is why it is a good idea to really invest in a good quality piece of pine furniture. If you are buying a collection of pine furniture it can last and last. Your children will have a good chest of drawers and it could easily last them until they go off to college.

Another great quality about pine furniture is that it doesn’t warp easily. It holds its shape well. This adds to its durability.

Your pine furniture is likely to suffer bangs, bumps and other knocks in the course of its lifetime; that is just the way life is. Especially if you have a family, children swap rooms and move their furniture, you might move house, you might swap your furniture with your extended family, there are lots of reasons why pine furniture would get moved around. Add to that the accidents; knocked over cups of tea or children who like to decorate with stickers. Toddlers who get at Moms make up and decorate the dresser, the list goes on. When pine furniture is used it is so tough and hardwearing, you will be able to wipe it down and continue to use it. Even if you decide to go back to the natural wood, you would be able to remove the paint and sand down the wood and varnish it. Its versatility lends itself to family life.

One other thing about pine is that if you can’t buy a whole suit of furniture at the same time, it doesn’t matter if you buy pine furniture separately. Having some pine furniture that is varnished and some that is waxed or stained in the same room looks completely complimentary; you can really mix and match. This really adds to the look of a room if you are trying for a cosy country look.

So whether you are looking at bedroom furniture, a dresser for your kitchen, or a table for your dining room consider pine as an attractive, versatile and durable wood that will grace your home with beauty and last a lifetime.