When choosing wooden furniture for your home, it can be tricky to navigate all those choices out there.  Here at Nest at Number 20 we offer you a wide selection of beautifully hand-crafted pine furniture and oak and pine pieces too. 

Why Use Pine?

Pine comes in many different shades and colours and is generally on the lighter side.  This makes it perfect to be finished in a variety of paint colours.  We offer for your furniture to be finished in your favourite Fallow and Ball shade to perfectly complement your home. Pine is classed as softwood, but it doesn’t feel soft!  To the average person, it will feel as hard as oak wood. Because pine has a fast-growing time, we are readily able to source it locally for our carpenters to make beautiful furniture pieces for your home.  A standard oak furniture project for the home could cost you twice as much as a pine piece.  Pine is still the wood of choice in contemporary furniture design but is also used to craft rustic or colonial pieces. 

Many manufacturers use chipboard or MDF to make their ‘wooden’ furniture, but we use solid pine to hand-make our beautiful Welsh dressers, cabinets and sideboards. Our Welsh dressers come in a wide range of styles and sizes.  You may prefer open shelving or glass-covered cabinet doors so that you can display your homewares. Or perhaps you want to keep everything tidied away?  In which case we have some solid cupboard door options and covered shelving pieces that would be perfect for you. 

The Benefits Of Oak

Because oak trees can take over a hundred years to grow (and they can live for more than 300 years!), their timber is much denser than that of pine trees. It has great durability and because it is less prone to scratches and dents, we use it to finish parts of our furniture.  For example, our TV cabinets are available with a beautiful solid oak worktop. This stylish look combined with the rest of the unit being painted in your choice of Farrow and Ball shade means that your furniture is modern, stylish and beautiful. Oak has a wonderful light-to-tan-brown colour and species of oak usually have a straight grain with a medium-course texture.   Oak is timeless, classy and has massive appeal, which is why we love using it to add the finishing touches to so many of our furniture pieces. 

What We Can Offer You

We offer gorgeous sideboards with solid oak worktops, meaning your dining room or living room will have the warmth of natural wood combined with the paint finish to complement your décor. As above, we have stunning TV cabinets and TV units, which combine a gorgeous painted finish but also incorporate solid oak worktops for the perfect look to suit your home. These come in several different sizes such as 7ft, 6ft and 4ft, to suit any size room. Check out our amazing range of Welsh dressers, which showcase our team of carpenters’ excellent skills and techniques. We also have extra pieces for your home such as a dressing table, a painted tallboy/ chest of drawers and a lovely bookcase.  These are, of course, all available in any paint shade you like from the Farrow and Ball collection and will take centre stage for storage in any modern or traditional home. Whatever your solid wood furniture needs, you will find what you are looking for at Nest at Number 20.

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