As you probably spend a large percentage of your time at home in the living room and because it’s used to entertain guests, you want to ensure that it’s been designed in such a way that it’s welcoming and comfortable. Therefore, the furniture you choose for this room, is crucial. Living room furniture needs to be functional as well as aesthetically appealing.

With all this in mind, in the following post we’re going to give you some great tips for how to choose and buy the right furniture for this all-important room in your house.

Plan Things Out

Before you do anything else, assess your living room and plan out the pieces you want, where you might place them and whether they will sit well together or not. Start simply, by looking at the most basic pieces first. Are you going to have a table in the centre? What kind of sofas are you going to have and then as more of the space is filled you have a better idea what else you need to get.

Take Accurate Measurements

It’s always wise to take as accurate measurements as you possibly can. You could even consider drawing a simple floor plan. Even if you’re not particularly good in the art department, it will still provide a good visual aid for you to work from. Think about the space around pieces, as well as the space they take up. You may feel as if there’s enough room for that solid pine Welsh dresser from Nest at Number 20, but, it’s important to factor in the space around the unit you will have left. Will you be able to move freely or will it make the room cramped?

Consider Functionality

Although living rooms are used similarly by most people, you need to think about the specific type of activities you and your household participate in the living room. This can help determine the kind of furniture you need.

Invest in the Best You Can Afford

You may want to save money wherever you can when furnishing your living room. And who can blame you? Everything is so much more expensive these days. However, buying seemingly inexpensive furniture could be false economy. Although plastic, metal and composite wood furniture all have much lower upfront costs than solid pine furniture, they are not nearly as durable or robust. So, it’s recommended that while it’s important to take cost into consideration, buying cheap furniture could cost you more further down the line.

Try to Co-ordinate Your the Furniture in Your House

When investing in living room furniture, you need to also think about the other rooms in your house too. Although each room may have individual themes or decor, it’s always good if there’s something that ties everything all together.

Don’t Overdo It

You may be tempted to fill your home with various lovely pieces of furniture, but just be careful not to overdo it. Remember that old adage that we’re sure you’re familiar with – less is more. IF you have too much furniture, even if it’s incredibly exquisite and even practical, it may make your home feel very cramped and nothing will really stand out.

It’s far better to choose key pieces that provide the functionality you need and look great. Allow some of the free space in rooms throughout your house to remain just that, free space.

It can be hard choosing the right furniture, because there’s so many options out there. However, hopefully with our suggestions above, you’ll find the whole process a lot easier.