A chest of drawers is normally something you would use in a bedroom or guest room for small items that you want to store away safely. chests of this kind are a good choice for this because they are convenient and very aesthetically pleasing. However, this piece of furniture has more uses than just as a storage space for socks and t-shirts. Depending on the room you place one in, you can put the same painted chest of drawers to completely different applications.

In the following post we will help show how this is possible, discussing some of the versatile uses a painted solid pine chest of drawers for specific rooms.

In the Kitchen

You may not choose to put a chest of drawers in your kitchen ordinarily. However, if you have a lot of space and want a more interesting way of storing away accessories, a chest of drawers is a quirky choice. For example, you could store all of the linen for the kitchen and dining room in a tallboy-style one and then use the top for some ornaments or even to display some attractive crockery or glassware. The size of the drawers is perfect for folded table clothes, napkins and other associated items.

Hall or Reception

In a reception area of your home or a hall, you could have a chest of drawers to keep items that don’t necessarily belong to one particular room. You could also use it for items that can’t actually fit in your living room, dining room or even kitchen. It is an attractive way to store more household-general items. You could even use the top to place your landline phone and then use the drawers for address books, envelopes and other items like that.

Home Office

Home offices are one particular area or room that require functional, but also attractive furniture. Although the practicality of it is important, if you want to feel comfortable in your working environment, it is a good idea to fill your office with items you actually like to look at when you are using them. A less conventional way to store your work documents and important paperwork, this is ideal for a home office because it means when you are finished work for the day and all your work paraphernalia is tidied away, your home office will just look like any other room. Especially if you compare it to filing cabinets that many people opt for placing in their office.

Dining Room

Similarly, to a kitchen, you can use a painted chest of drawers in your dining room to store away linen and other things for dinner parties and entertaining guests. If you host a lot of those kinds of parties, it can be great to have a place where everything is easy to find and access.


If you have a separate W.C. to your shower and bathroom, you might consider a chest of drawers. The reason we make that distinction is because the bathroom or shower room is likely to be the room with the most moisture in the air. Moisture and wooden, even high-quality painted pine, is not a great combination. If your W.C. is roomy enough though, it can be a nice alternative to all that chrome and ceramics that people tend to have in those kinds of rooms.

There you go, five rooms where you can try placing a solid pine chest of drawers and we didn’t even mention the bedroom. Obviously, it is up to you and your own specific needs where you actually place one, but we hope this article is useful.