Do you have a large selection of books that you want to display or maybe a smaller collection of books, but a lot of trinkets and ornaments that you want to display in an interesting way. Then a bookcase can be the solution to the problem of how to display your books and other items. At Nest at Number 20 there is a classic, solid pine piece that is bound to look good whatever way you use it.

One of the keys things to getting the best from a bookcase though, is how you organise and arrange your items. Before following the old tried and tested method of just putting everything on that will fit, take a look at some of our alternative suggestions below.

Take The Simplistic Approach

Rather than packing each and every shelf and surface full, try a more simplistic approach to give the bookcase a cleaner finish. With figurines and vases you could try a single-colour or tone next to tone scheme. It is also a good idea to mix and match different shaped items together too.

Make Everything Fit

To give your bookcase a more intriguing look you could switch and change how you stack the books on the shelves. Alternate between horizontally and vertically stacking them to give a livelier look. You could also use décor as bookends, such as bold coloured accessories or picture frames to help fill in the empty shelf space artistically.

Less Is Always More

Remember the old adage – less is more. If you have a more modern décor in your home, you may want to take a more sparse and minimalist look. Try grouping books in small collections of the same size and accessorize with metallic items and streamlined vases, leaving lots of gaps and spaces on the shelves so that the well-chosen items are the stars.

Symmetry For The Office

If your bookcase is going to be used in your home office, you will want a very organised feel. You can do this by gathering a wide selection of different collectibles and by placing them between the books on each shelf to create some loose symmetry. For example, if you choose to use a square shaped item or picture frame on one shelf, use a collectible of a similar size and shape on the opposite side to create that symmetrical look and feel. You can really punctuate that uniform and professional layout by scattering your books at various points on the shelves between the items.

Be Colour Smart

Follow the colour scheme of the room’s décor onto your bookcase to bring the whole look and feel of the room together. As all items at Nest at Number 20 can be painted in any colour of your choosing from the Farrow and Ball range of paint, you will not find it hard to have a bookcase in the same colour as the rest of the room.

Draw Focus on Art

Use your bookcase to draw focus onto your favourite art pieces. If you have paintings and photographs of varying shapes and sizes to display, they may all work well together, as long as the colours coordinate.

Simple And Bold

On the subject of paint, if the books you are planning to display have spines that lack any discernible visual style, you could have your bookcase painted in a very vibrant colour to draw more attention to the books and the furniture itself.

As you can see, there is almost limitless possibilities when it comes to organising and arranging what to display on a bookcase and how best to display them.