Our bedrooms are so vital to us: they are a place of reflection, relaxation and rest.  We need them to be functional and yet peaceful. Therefore, one of the key elements to achieving this calm environment is organisation.  No one wants a cluttered space getting between them and a great night’s sleep!  We have come up with a guide to help you choose the perfect chest of drawers to complement your space.

Stylish or Classic?

A chest of drawers is a key piece of furniture in your bedroom.  You will see it every morning and every evening: you need to love what you are looking at! Of course you will need to work out what complements your existing furniture.  Or perhaps you are starting your bedroom decor from scratch? You may want traditional wooden pieces, or maybe a really modern chest of drawers- these look great in newer properties, especially in modern apartments. 

Size Matters

When choosing a chest of drawers for your bedroom, you really must consider the size of the whole piece of furniture. You do not want your bedroom to be overwhelmed by a huge piece if the room has small dimensions. If you have a large space to furnish, then bear in mind that smaller chests of drawers could look lost if they don’t fill a generous area against a wall. Taller and narrower chests of drawers can really help give you the storage space you need without cluttering up a smaller room. Wider low pieces can help fill up a large empty wall space, creating a cosier feel in your bedroom.

Our Top Tip

We recommend that you look carefully at the dimensions of pieces you are considering and then lay pieces of paper on your floor that show you the size of each unit of furniture.  That way you can get a more accurate idea of the size compared with your room and see what is the best fit for you.


It is essential that you carefully consider what will be stored in the chest of drawers. Are you using this piece just for small items of clothing such as underwear and sleepwear?  Maybe you like to separate all different types of clothing, which would mean you need a chest with a variety of drawers. Perhaps you don’t have a wardrobe, in which case you will probably need a larger piece with several drawers so you can organise all of your clothing effectively.  Are you sharing the chest of drawers with anyone? If so, how many drawers do you each need? These are important when choosing your chest of drawers so that you love your new furniture and feel it works well for you and your needs.

Extra Uses

A chest of drawers can be so much more than just somewhere to store clothes! You may wish to choose a style that includes a shallow drawer for jewellery or everyday equipment such as chargers and your wallet. Are you planning on putting a TV on top of the drawers?  In which case we recommend putting some paper on your wall at the height of the chest of drawers. This means you can check what height will work best for you when choosing the piece of furniture. Is the chest of drawers for a child’s room?  Perhaps a wider, shorter piece would work well so that they can access the drawers more independently?  Don’t forget that a chest of drawers can also be a great place to display framed photographs, a vase of flowers or other decor that suits your style.  A chest of drawers should be working hard for you and your room!

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