Here at Nestatnumber20, we want your homes to be filled with pieces of furniture that are long-lasting in terms of looks and durability. Our beautiful handmade painted pine and oak furniture are available in various styles and sizes and we also offer bespoke options to suit your needs. This year there are many home furnishing trends so you can find a look to suit your home. Natural tones are a mainstay for the year, but vibrant orange and magenta are also very fashionable. 

Sideboard Looks for 2023

Our sideboards are perfect to use for both storage and display purposes in your home. Statement pieces of hand-crafted furniture help your home to be both sophisticated and welcoming. Our skilled and experienced crew crafts our range of sideboards using traditional techniques, and we finish them in the rich and appealing Farrow & Ball paint colour of your choice. If you are looking for a neutral on-trend colour for 2023 then we recommend Cord or Faded Terracotta if you need some inspiration for a warm greige tone this year.

Vibrant Colours for your Solid Wood Furniture

A great way to breathe some new life into your home decor this year is to incorporate a brightly painted piece of solid wood furniture such as a Welsh dresser or a tv unit. Oranges and magenta are both hot looks this year, so if you want to bring an extra level of style into your home, then we think you should consider one of our beautiful handmade solid pine and oak Welsh dressers for your kitchen or living room finished in a gorgeous warm paint colour such as Rangwali or Charlotte’s Locks.

Decorative Displays in your Home

Another excellent way to revamp your home’s look in 2023 is to refresh your decorative displays around the house. One way to do this is of course to simply make some swaps from room to room of your favourite vases, framed photographs and ornamental pieces. Take a good look at your Welsh dresser or sideboard, can you bring in any on-trend colours into the items you have chosen to have out on display? You could even consider buying a few key pieces to refresh your room’s overall style, such as new cushion colours in a bright magenta, or some orange crockery to feature on your new Welsh dresser from Nestatnumber20.

Making a Grand Entrance

Ensuring your hallway or the first reception room visitors to your home come to is warm and welcoming is a great way to show off your style and fashionable decor choices for 2023. A small sideboard or media unit works brilliantly for storage in these areas and allows you to keep your home decor fresh and revitalised throughout the year by simply making small changes as the seasons and trends change. For example, a vase of freshly cut flowers adds a pop of colour, but this can then be easily changed to suit your mood or to match any new furnishings you bring into your home. 

What the Stylists are Saying

Some trends are here to stay, such as modern farmhouse looks. Our Welsh dressers are perfect to be the centre focal point of such a look in your home. Silver and iron details on lamps and picture or photo frames are a strong look this year. Our modern yet traditional styles work perfectly for any of the trends for this year, whether you are going for a more minimalist look and need our excellent furniture as storage solutions, or you want to show off your favourite pieces and create a visually sophisticated corner in your home.