Shaker Style furniture are a raging vogue in the market and have been hugely acclaimed for their high utility, strong built and elegant style. A lot of furniture dealers are going back to these effortlessly stylish pieces of furniture, Nest at Number 20 has a variety of Shaker Style furniture as well. Let us walk you through the historical significance and the reasons why people are going gaga over these beauties.

What is the origin of Shaker Style Furniture?

Shaker Style Furniture have it’s origin way back in history. These were first built by the United Society of Believers, known as Shakers, in Christ’s Second Appearing. Shaker style furniture have distinct features that is quite different from other styles of furniture crafting– they are usually simplistic in built, without much ornamentation, sturdy and totally utilitarian.
The Shakers believed solely in the utilitarian purpose of their furniture rather than visual affect, and hence this simple approach to furniture crafting. But the one thing that is capital in any shaker style furniture is their strength and sustainability; these furniture can endure heavy and long term usage which is one of the unique selling points of these.

The Upper hand and Advantages of Using Shaker Style Furniture These furniture come with a whole gamut of advantages and are not a big deal for no reason.

Here’s why Shaker Style furniture should be your ultimate furnishing choice:

Wholly utilitarian and takes up lesser space– Shaker Style Furniture have great advantages over other bulky and embellished ones.
The major drawbacks of big and ornamental furniture are that they use up a lot of your floor space and in addition, the storage capacity of these furniture are not adequate or ample given how much space they take up. When you furnish your house you do not want to clog or cram every nook and cranny of your house with furniture, your house should not look overdone or congested with furniture. And here’s when Shaker Style furniture come to your rescue. They take up really small amounts of floor space and have a lot of usable storage space for your belongings.

Safest home decor option – Highly ornamental furniture may also look outlandish with the decor of your house, so if you want your house to look classy yet simple, Shaker Style lets you play the safe bet. Simple and minimalist design and a single toned body is bound to match up with any decor, whilst also giving your home decor a classy and elegant tinge.

Variety and durability – Well if these did not meet your perfect furniture criteria then there’s more. Shaker Style furniture are produced in a varied range, from TV Cabinets to Dressers and Sideboards all crafted for maximum utility, and even modified to suit your need and style. These are also very tough and durable, which is something every furniture shopper ever looks for in good furniture. When you make an investment in furniture you expect your investment to be fruitful for a long term. Made from pure and supreme quality wood, mostly oak and pine wood, these furniture are crafted to last long.

Nest at Number 20 has a whole catalogue of authentic oak and pine wood Shaker Style Furniture crafted especially to suit the customers’ purposes. We have sideboards with wine rack and crates, solid pine TV cabinets, TV dressers with blindfolding doors, stunning Welsh dressers and a lot more for you to choose from. Make a home out of your house with Nest at Number 20.