If you have a welsh dresser or are looking to invest in a solid pine painted welsh dresser, from Nest At Number 20 for instance, you may be stuck on how to organise it best. Although these furniture pieces are incredibly attractive and practical, if they are not reigned in or there is no order to them, they can quickly get out of control and end up looking unsightly and messy.

In the following post therefore, we will give you some great tips for stylishly organising welsh dressers so you never again have to worry about feeling embarrassed when people come to visit.

Use it For Items You Use Regularly

Do you find that you do not get the fanciest ceramics and bone china out very often and even when you entertain guests, it is always the more practical options? But, you are always using the room where your painted welsh dresser is located. Then you should consider freeing up space on the dresser by storing away the fine china and other crockery away and displaying the stuff you use more frequently. Not only will this help when it comes to setting the table & sideboards for guests or your afternoon tea, but it will help to minimise the clutter and really showcase the dresser more.

Use The Stack And Lean Approach

Although in a perfect world we would only have matching sets of crockery and cookware. However, in a normal household that is very rarely the reality. How do you arrange what you are storing and displaying in a way that it doesn’t just look like a mess? You could try adopting the stack and lean approach. While bigger, awkwardly sized pieces such as platters and similar items can be leaned against the backing of the dresser, you can neatly stack matching plates in piles in front of them. Plate stands can be used if you are worried about your platters tumbling over.

Display and Store Party Accessories Together

If you already use your solid pine dresser for items such as platters, cake stands and champagne flutes, you could bring some more order and practicality to the furniture by storing all your party accessories there. Not only will this make it easier to find things when you really need them, but storing like for like things together will look neat, tidy and will showcase just how nice your stuff looks.

Use Hooks For Teacups

Teacups are undeniably very pretty. However, they are also space-hogs. You can add extra interest and free up some shelf space then, by using hooks on your dresser to hang them from. To make sure you have enough space for everything else, arrange your other items first and then decide exactly where you want your teacups and hooks to go.

Neatly Line Up Glasses And Other Glassware

As a general rule of thumb and following on from what we said about storing like for like together, that is the best approach with virtually any collection you are displaying or storing in your welsh dresser. When it comes to glasses, sort them into types and give a section of a shelf or an entire shelf to that particular type and for a very clean and tidy look, line them up like little soldiers in a row.

Although at first it can seem like you have way too much stuff to find any real way to display and store it so it doesn’t look like a mess; by following the handy tips above you can start to bring order and reason to the chaos. With careful thought and planning, you too can have a welsh dresser that is neat, tidy and a stunning complement to the rest of your kitchen or dining room.