There is no part of a house or style of property that won’t suit the finesse, comfort, richness and warmth of wooden furniture. Whether it’s in the form of cupboards, chests of drawers, shelves, bed frames, book cases, chairs,tables, sideboards or other fine pine pieces, the many advantages cannot be overstated. If you are still not convinced or still considering investing in something made from another material, check out the great benefits that come when you choose solid painted pine furniture like that available from Nest at Number 20.

Durability and Strength

Wood, as you probably know, is known for its robust nature and is therefore a great choice if you are looking to make a smart investment in apiece of furniture. Reliable and stable, well-made pine and oak furniture is hard to beat in terms of its longevity.

It is this durability that ensures wooden furniture, despite what ever its initial cost may be, offers real value for money. Furthermore, the durability means that it is also incredibly easy to look after. You only need to oil, polish and wax it occasionally. The longer a piece of furniture lasts,the less often it will need to be replaced, compared to flatpack furniture and items made from other materials.

Feel and Look

If you are looking for pieces of furniture that can instantly add extra charm, dignity and sophistication into a room, then solid wooden furniture like a painted pine sideboard will work perfectly. This is particularly true if you spend a little extra for an item that is made from scratch by a skilled and experienced craftsman. Obviously, there is a huge realm of possibilities when it comes to what colours you opt for and specifics when it comes to the design.

Wooden furniture is also great if you are looking to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Which can be good if your home is already facing a forest,but works equally as well if you are stuck in the concrete jungle of the city and want a reminder of the more rural areas you grew up in.


Wooden furniture is a great choice when you are looking for items that are sustainable, if it is fully certified and sourced responsibly. Therefore,if you are trying to live a greener lifestyle, wood is a smart choice. As long as the wood has been taken from an area where the trees are planted to replace those that are cut, you know it is sustainable. Further more, thanks to how durable and tough wood furniture can be, when it is looked after properly, you could have a piece that is passed down from one owner to another.


When it comes to the items available at Nest at Number 20 there is a huge variety of colours and tones to choose from. this is mainly due to the fact that they offer your own personal preference when it comes to Farrow and Ball paint colours. So, you can have the piece of furniture you like the most,finished with your favourite colour or the tones that go best with the decor in your home.


Compared to other materials, as we’ve touched on, wood will look good in virtually any setting, room or area. It can become an integral part of any  decor or colour scheme. It can be both rustic with old-world charm or modern.

So, there you have it, we hope we have shown just how smart a choice it can be to invest in wooden furniture. We are especially fond of oak and pine, because those are particularly affordable and hard wearing.