While generally pine and oak are considered to be more or less the same thing, there is very little that they have in common, As they are so different from each other, they have their own unique pros and cons. Therefore, if you are considering buying either bespoke oak or pine furniture from a company like Nest At Number 20, it is sensible to take each type of wood’s pros and cons into consideration before you decide.

Oak is more versatile and used for a wider variety of styles from modern and contemporary to old fashioned and classic furniture designs. However, because of just how easily the material can be machined into complicated patterns and the colours it can be finished in, Pine is often reserved for Mexican furniture styles and rustic looks.

Below we will discuss what makes both these types of wood and furniture made from them worth buying when you are looking for furniture that is not only functional and durable, but also pleasing on the eye.

Major Differences Between Oak and Pine

It is worth pointing out that the major and most important difference between oak and pine is that pine is a softwood and oak is a hardwood. This means that pine is good for shock resistance and is very lightweight, yet stiff; while oak is heavy, very hard wearing and offers unparalleled resistance to wear and tear. When you look at the prices of oak and pine furniture, you will notice there is definitely a difference in price. Oak is more expensive because it takes a lot longer to grow.

One huge advantage of pine furniture, carrying on from the thought above, is the fact that even bespoke pine furniture compared to oak furniture is less expensive. Pine is especially ideal for a children’s bedroom because although you want to know they are safe and have something durable and robust, children have a tendency to grow up and grow out of styles they liked when they were younger. Proof of pine’s robustness is the fact it is the wood almost exclusively used when manufacturing bunk beds.

Advantages Of Oak Furniture

People spend more on oak because it lasts longer and is harder wearing. This is why you will find that a lot of manufacturers favour it for dining room chairs and tables rather than pine. Additionally, there is also the fact that if you have a table with a large area of exposed oak on display, it can become a real eye-catching and interesting talking point for the room.

Advantages Of Pine Furniture

Pine is often the wood chosen when manufacturing painted furniture these days. This is because it is a well-known fact that pine furniture holds stains and paints better than oak and so bedroom furniture in ivory, cream and white is usually pine. As cuts of pine used in furniture are generally knot-free, this also helps to make them easier to colour and remain smooth and consistent.

When Making The Final Choice

It is true that both oak and pine are equally beautiful and stylish in their own way, so there really is no clear winner when you are comparing the two. It comes down more to what you are looking for from your wooden furniture. If you are looking for something more affordable that may not last as long but will do the job it is intended for, then pine is the choice you should make; whereas if you are looking to make a real investment in something that will be used often and regularly, you might want to consider oak.