Every reception room deserves the perfect display cabinet.  Having a display cabinet allows you to showcase some of the most beloved possessions in your home in a stylish and practical way. Styling a display cabinet for your home need not be a burden if you follow our advice and tips! Here at Nest at Number 20 we have a variety of ways you can create a display cabinet look that suits your home, style and needs.  You could choose a traditional sideboard, a Welsh dresser or a TV stand and dresser combined. 

Why Choose A Welsh Dresser?

Welsh dressers are a must-have for any stylish home. They combine tradition with practical storage and display options for you. We have a wide variety of gorgeous painter dressers in various sizes, ranging from 4 or 5 ft and even up to large 9ft pieces. Our Welsh dressers are hand-crafted in the UK and we only use locally sourced oak and pine. Our brilliant carpenters use tried and tested traditional techniques to lovingly make these wonderful dressers.  You can even have one of our painted pine dressers in your favourite Farrow and Ball paint colour. 

Welsh dressers are great to use as a display cabinet as they usually consist of a sideboard and shelving on the top half and cupboards and drawers in the bottom half of the piece of furniture.  This allows you to securely store away china or glassware, great if you have small children at home, and display your favourite pieces higher up out of harm’s way.  Some of our dressers have glass-fronted cabinets which means that your stored homeware can be proudly displayed for you and your guests to enjoy. Other versions have solid doors in all of their cupboards, allowing you to stash away things like board games, crafting materials and paperwork out of sight, to maintain a beautiful clutter-free home. 

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Sophisticated Sideboards For Your Home

A great display option for your lounge, dining room or hallway is a wooden sideboard.  We have a lovely range of large 9ft pieces all the way down to 2ft pieces.  Again, these cabinets are handcrafted and made from locally sourced natural pine.  These too can be painted in a Farrow and Ball shade of your choosing and are made using traditional skills by our team of carpenters. 

Sideboards are great to use for storage of course, but we also recommend using them to perfectly display some of your favourite decorative items in your home. A hallway looks lovely with a small sideboard and a vase of beautiful flowers to greet visitors to your home.  A dining room sideboard can be used for wine or spirit decanters and an array of your best glassware.  What lounge or living room is complete without a sideboard lovingly displaying photographs of your nearest and dearest in complementary wooden or metallic frames?

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Perfect Display TV Cabinets

We also offer a selection of TV cabinets and TV units which are not only great to house your TV and other electronics but double up as brilliant display cabinets for your home. Using furniture in this multi-purpose approach means you save space in your home as well as creating a stylish space for you to enjoy. Our highly experienced carpenters use traditional joinery skills and techniques to make these wonderful pieces for your home. As some of our pieces have shelving, these make great display cabinets for decorative items to furnish your living room.  

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