The humble chest of drawers is often the go-to choice when it comes to storage solutions, particularly for bedrooms. It can be a great complement to wardrobes and other units. It can be used to keep smaller items such as socks and underwear neat and tidy, but can also be used to keep anything else that doesn’t need to be hung up such as jumpers, vests, leggings and jeans.

The sheer number of chest of drawers available these days though, means that the choice may be harder than you think. With that in mind we have put together a collection of the aspects of chest of drawers you need to consider in order to find the best one for your bedroom.

The Size

It should go without saying that the size is the first and foremost aspect you need to consider when choosing the right chest of drawers for your bedroom. In smaller bedrooms, taller and slimmer chest of drawers will be better suited instead of something wider and thicker. Importantly though, you should check that the width is right for the clothes you need as they can often be incredibly narrow. The depth is also important because if you are looking to store big and thick items such as jumpers and trousers, shallow drawers probably won’t be suitable.

Height is also a consideration you should make when you are looking for a chest of drawers for a child’s room. Your child, if they are able to get themselves ready, will need to be able to safely and comfortably reach the top drawer. In this situation a lower height chest of drawers will be easier and will be unlikely to tumble over and cause problems.

If space is an issue, a lower chest of drawers may be a great choice for adults and older children too. As they don’t take up much space against the wall, you can place other shelves and units above them too. No matter what size you are looking for, make sure you measure the available floor and wall space in the bedroom.

Special Features

Although many chest of drawers have simple designs, others come equipped with special features that can make them incredibly useful. For instance, there are some chest of drawers feature castors or wheels rather than stationary legs, that obviously makes them a lot easier to be moved around when you have to clean behind and underneath them or are redecorating. Furthermore, others have glass tops that are great for protecting from stains and scratches.

The Style

The style is an important consideration, even if it is just aesthetics. Look at the other things you have in the bedroom and look for a chest of drawers that matches the colour or theme of your bedroom. That is just one way though, as you could decide to make your new chest of drawer s a statement feature in the room and choose one that stands out as being completely different from the rest of the furniture and colourings. At Nest At Number 20 for instance, you have the option for some nicely constructed pine chest of drawers and the the choice of your preferred Ball And Farrow paint hue.

So regardless of whether you are looking for something modern or more traditional, you will be able to find the chest of drawers that matches the style you are after.

The Material

The last thing you need to look at, is by no means the least important – the material a chest of drawers is made from. The material not only affects the style, but, also how sturdy and robust it is and how long it is likely to last. Solid wood chest of drawers are obviously going to give you more bang for your buck, as wood is an incredibly hardy material and can also be easily repaired when necessary.