Painted pine furniture, as well as having a practical function, can also bring an extra touch of elegance and sophistication wherever you place it in your home. If you are looking to invest in some solid painted pine or even oak furniture, you may be curious as to how easy it is to look after and any tips for caring for your investment. If you already own painted solid pine or oak furniture and are looking for tips on cleaning and caring for it. Then you’ve come to the right place as we have put together a brief guide to cleaning and maintaining paint furniture below.


The most effective way to dust your painted solid wood furniture is also the easiest. Simply use a duster or lint-free cloth to wipe them clean. As well as ensuring that the colour stays look as good as new, it also stops dust and dirt from building up on the wood’s surface. If this happens, it requires more intensive cleaning to remove it. The cleaner your wooden furniture is, the longer it is likely to last. Therefore, you should aim to wipe it clean to dust it fairly regularly.

Standard Cleaning

If there are lightly soiled areas or minor stains, don’t panic as these are rather easy to clean. Simply mix lukewarm water with a small amount of either washing up soap or liquid (it is best to look for one that is ‘kind to your skin’ or ‘mild’, as this is likely to be pH neutral). Dampen a cloth with this solution and wipe your painted furniture clean. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, rinse it using fresh water to lift any chemical residue left on the surface. After it is washed and rinses, dry the surface using a lint-free cloth to avoid water-staining.

Pro Tips For Preventing Stains Reappearing

If you find the same stains seem to appear at the same places on your painted furniture, we have a couple of handy tips to stop this from occurring.

Make sure you use hot-rods, trivets, coasters or mats when you place dirty, wet or hot items on furniture
Wipe any spilled liquid or food immediately.

Things To Avoid

It is recommended that you stick to the cleaning solutions mentioned in this article and avoid commercial products. the reason being that many can stain the paint, the timber and can even cause damage to it. You should also avoid using cleaning tools such as metal scourers as they can scratch the paintwork. Before cleaning any piece of painted pine or oak furniture you have though, you should follow the directions for dusting it as this will prevent any surface dirt or debris being worked into the grain and scratching it when you start cleaning.

There you have it, some simple and quick tips for cleaning and taking care of your painted solid oak and pine furniture.