Bedrooms are the one part of our homes, well, along with the bathroom, that are solely designed to provide us with somewhere to really escape from the world. When you have a hard day or week at work you can really benefit from having that nice, big and comfortable bed to relax in, in a setting with the perfect mood lighting and warm, relaxing colours.

You can also help create the best ambience in your bedroom by the choice you make regarding furniture. Especially the furniture closest to your bed.

Traditionally, the space beside your bed is normally reserved for bedside tables, if anything. However, a better way of furnishing that awkward part of your bedroom could be to use a painted chest of drawers where you’d normally have a bedside table.

Sounds a bit strange? Not convinced it would work? Read on and let us explain some of the main benefits of making this switch.

Better Use of the Spaces at Sides of Your Bed

Unless you have no space or particularly spaces at either side of your bed, chests of drawers could maximise that available floorspace better than bedside tables. A bedside table, by design, tends to have less storage space than a chest of drawers, so you could potentially be wasting space rather than using it to its fullest.

More Space for What You Need and Where You Need It

Following on nicely from the above, it’s worth noting that as bedside tables are not nearly big enough for everything you want to have close to your bed, a chest of drawers is a nice alternative. Not only do you get the display space at the top, but you can get anything between four to six drawers of storage space. At Nest at Number 20, the tallboy-style chest of drawers they have for sale includes six drawers. The upside along with the convenience of having all those little bits and pieces close to your bed, where you need them most, is that it will also be less cluttered, than if you tried to fit it in a relatively small bedside table.

Less Need for Other Furniture

Another major benefit as a result of the above is that you then have less need for extra pieces of furniture elsewhere. If you have either one or two chests of drawers in the space next to your bed, they can already perform the role of bedside table and chest of drawers, negating the need for other chests of drawers. That means you can free up more floor space and help make your bedroom feel roomier.

Everything is More in Proportion

As bedrooms are supposed to be areas in your home where you can really escape, unwind, tune out and relax, the more order and control you can bring to the space, the better. A cluttered and untidy bedroom is bad enough, but one that has elements that are all out of proportion from one another may be a stress headache waiting to happen. That’s another great thing about using chests of drawers instead of bedside tables.

Aesthetically, when you place a wide chest of drawers next to a large and wide bed, it will look much better than a small bedside table. Even better, if possible, is if you can find a chest of drawers that matches the height of your bed. If not, make sure you have chests of drawers the same side placed at either side of your bed, to give it a symmetry of sorts.