Interior design and décor is not something that everyone is talented at; however, with a few tips you can really make the most of the space you have. You can also make the most of the quality oak furniture that you have invested it. It’s important that each room should have a sense of flow and cohesion that will make the style of your home really stand out. Since your living room is the one room where you will be spending most time as a family, and entertaining guests, it is a room that will speak volumes about your sense of style. When you have oak furniture then you know it has a classic timeless feel, but it means that the rest of your room will need balance, too.

Tape Measure and Masking Tape – Your Friends!

When you look at what pieces to put where you need to think about size and balance in your living room. Measure your room carefully and then use some masking tape to map out where each piece will go. This way you will be able to see if the pieces fit without lifting heavy furniture.  Questions will spring to mind as you think this through. How much room does the oak coffee table need? How much space will each chair or sofa need? Can you move safely round the furniture? Can the children, also? You will need to leave a good distance between the coffee table and the sofa or chairs, approximately 45 cm. If you have everything you want in the living room is there still space to move around easily? Is there too much going on, on one side of the room or one corner?

You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the furniture you have and the space that remains.  If you do it with masking tape then it is easy to move a masking tape “chair” and see how it fits in different spaces. Your coffee table should be lower than your sofa and chairs and it should be about three quarters of the length of your sofa.

Not A Line-Up

Some people put all their furniture against the walls so there is a big space in the middle of the room and this can make the room look very formal. If you have a small living room, try to buy smaller pieces of furniture for it. Think about how many people usually share the living room; you will need seating for that number at least. You can always add more chairs if other people come over.  Massive coffee tables don’t work well in this situation, so you can always go for a nest of tables that you can pull out as needed. Or just have single oak lamp tables that you can pull out when you serve drinks.

One way to make your home really reflect your own particular style is to pick a focus piece of furniture, the one you love best, that you cannot be without. Once you have decided on that piece, then see what other pieces go with it. This way you are really starting to create the flow of the room round that one piece and it will begin to make sense, where your furniture belongs.


It can be useful to visualise how you want your ideal living room space to look. You need to think about how it feels when people come into your space. If you think about the purpose of your living room, what you do in there the most, then you will find a focal point that your furniture could be arranged around. For instance, if you watch much television in the living room then your layout would reflect that.

Whichever way you have your living room, make sure that you have little pieces that really speak to you. When you have your grandmothers clock or your children’s pictures on the wall, then the space really becomes your own. If you add some contrasting textures or colours in a room it prevents it from looking to bland.

Not everyone is an interior design super-star, but if you follow these tips you will find that you can have a living room with beautiful oak furniture that you are proud and pleased to invite guests into.