When you are facing decorating your home, particularly a new home, there is that thrilling moment when you realize you have all this space that you can do anything with. It is your very own. You can choose wonderfully unique and stylish pieces to add to each room. Each room reflects your personal style and helps any visitor to see just who you are. Since everything you choose represents you, from a little lamp stand to a seven foot welsh dresser, you create the mood and the atmosphere.

A very exciting way to be totally personal is to design a room around a piece of bespoke furniture. Bespoke furniture or custom furniture is furniture where you have complete control of the material, the design and the colour. Often you will work with a designer to create something that is totally personal to you. There are lots of advantages to doing this as you will see.

Original, Unique

When you buy a piece of bespoke furniture, you are buying something that will be totally unique to you. No-one will have the same piece, you will never see the same thing at someone else’s home, or at a hotel chain, or anywhere. When people comment on it they are commenting on something that truly reflects your soul, that allows them to see who you really are.

The Designer Works With You

You have control over what the designer does with the furniture. You work with them to create the ideal piece for you. They will let you know if what you see in your mind’s eye is possible and they will give you sketches and measurements of the piece of furniture and then they make it come into being. It is a combination of their skill with your eye and your taste. They want you to be happy with the piece of furniture, they want you to be totally satisfied, as this will reflect well on them.


While custom furniture sometimes does cost more, you can always cut costs if you want to in your choice of materials. With some sensible thinking you can reduce the costs of the furniture and your designer should take your budget into account, too.

Your Choice for Your Home

So often people go round showrooms looking at furniture saying they want this item in this material. When you choose bespoke furniture then you get to pick what the item is made from, what accessories are on it, which colour it is painted. You can even have bespoke colours which means your furniture will fit perfectly into your room. If you have a budget that you need to stick to then you can have a particular piece in a less expensive wood which can mean you have the furniture that you love come in within budget.

So you can clearly see the advantages of bespoke furniture. While some people would worry about the cost of such a luxury, the advantages are that you get original furniture that no-one else has, you get to choose the design and the material, you can have it painted in whichever colours you choose. This means you get furniture that is the perfect size, the perfect colour for your new home.
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