A solid pine or solid oak welsh dresser, like those available can be used as a creative display, regardless of which room its used in. As it is likely to be one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the room, it will have a strong influence on the style and overall atmosphere of the room it is placed. There are also considerations you need to make with regards to the practicalities of the furniture. For instance, are you intending on showcasing china or do you want to use it as a storage piece?

In the following post we will give you some tips as to how to stylishly use and organise your welsh dresser.

Use It For Regular Every Day Items

If you do not use the fanciest china in your home very often, you should think about storing these items in protective containers in a cupboard, giving you additional space for the items you use more frequently on the welsh dresser. If you store pitchers, glasses, platters, mugs and dishes on your welsh dresser they are easy to reach and also can make the dresser look attractive.

Add a Few Interesting Extras

Vases that are filled with greenery and different flowers, items collected on walks in natures and unscented candles can all add points of interest on an open welsh dresser.

Store Those Fancy China Sets

Traditionally, welsh dressers are used to display your best dishes. If you have a dresser with cabinet doors with glass-fronts, allowing your pretty and visually appealing items to be seen without collecting dust on them. If you have a large and extensive china set, it is wiser to try and arrange well-chosen and select pieces, rather than trying to fit it all in.

Lean Some Items And Stack Others

While larger, more unwieldy pieces such as serving platters can be leaned against the wall the dresser sits against, plates can be stacked. If you are worried about the platters following over, you can position plate stands to prevent this from happening.

Use Hooks To Hang Teacups

You could save space on shelves of your welsh dresser and interest to it by placing a row of hooks underneath a shelf. Arrange the other items in the cupboard before placing them so that you can decide where the best place to your cups.

Line Up All Your Glassware

As a rule of thumb, you should try to keep similar items together when arranging your dresser. For instance when it comes to your glassware, methodically arrange it by type and then use a separate shelf for each type. You can achieve a clean and crisp look by lining up all glasses like little soldiers.

Use Colours To Create Contrasts

If you have mostly white, cream or some other neutral coloured crockery, it might be a good idea to paint your dresser, or when you order one from an oak and pine manufacturer like Nest At Number 20 to have it painted in a specific colour to contrast against the neutral tones of your plates and dishes. This will help to make your dishes look even more striking.

Make Good Use Of Objects

If you have some available room, even after filling your dresser with everything you want, you could make use of other items, like books or small pieces of artwork against the back wall to create interesting focal points on your dresser.

When Your Stuck – You Can Always Rely On Symmetry

Take a methodical approach and move from shelf to shelf, creating symmetry between the right side and left side of the dresser. Once the majority of the items you are displaying have some sort of sense and order you can go a little crazy and place pieces, like old candles or vases here and there, breaking the symmetry a little.