The days are gone when bookshelves are just used for books. Obviously, if you want you can show off your impressive library of books. However, if you choose wisely you can make a style statement and display your favourite plants, picture frames or even piece of art. It is entirely up to you. Where though, do you start when choosing the best bookcase for your home?

Below, we have put together a guide with considerations to make before you buy your next bookcase.

What Are You Going To Use It For?

First of all, work out what you are going to use the bookcase for. Do you have a lot of books you want to display or just a few with some well-chosen accessories or something in-between? Once you have worked this out, there are some other key considerations you need to make.

The Size

Accurately measure the dimensions of the area you intend to place the bookcase. This will help you to narrow down your search, so that you are not looking at pages and pages of bookcases. Make sure that you also measure shelf space if you are choosing a bookcase that has fixed shelving, as well as factoring in the head room directly above the books too.

The Material

Although bookcases will serve their particular purpose regardless of material, the type of material a bookcase is made from can have a bearing on things like how long it will last and how easy or difficult it will be to move. Plywoods and wood veneers are commonly used for bookcases because they are lightweight and less expensive – although the downside is that they are easier to damage and do not last as long as other materials. Metal or solid wood, like the painted solid pine bookcase from NestAtNumber20, requires a larger monetary investment upfront, but will generally last a lot longer and even if there are issues, they can normally be easily repaired.

Adjustable Shelving

If you have the space for it, you should consider customising the storage in your home and play around with different shelf heights. Obviously, not all décor and books are created equally, so if you are looking to have the option to change the height of shelves, you need to look for a bookcase with this capability.

Open Back Bookcases

If you share a space or would like to give the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is, you should consider a bookcase with an open back. This can work well as a room divider and can then be accessible from the front or the back. It also means that it can be placed anywhere appropriate, not just in the corner or against a wall.

Hidden Away or On-Display

If you don’t want your items and/or clutter on display all the time, you should consider a model with drawers or doors to keep things out of sight. Bookcases that come equipped with doors are often referred to as bookcase cabinets. Display bookcases are more common though, and are popular because they enable you to store and display your items safely and neatly.

The Finish

As not all finishes and looks will look good in all spaces and areas, it is wise to consider all finishes. Start your search with an open mind. Even if you are more into modern finishes, you may find that a rustic finish will suit the space in your home it is going to be placed perfectly.

Now that you have read this short guide, you are better equipped to look for that perfect bookcase for your home. Remember to check out the bookcase and other furniture available from NestAtNumber20.