Welsh dressers are usually made of painted pine or oak. The bottom half of the dresser has wide cupboards for storage and is comparable to a sideboard. However, the top half of the dresser typically has a sideboard area and shelves for displaying your goods. The storage and display options these dressers provide are far greater than those of a sideboard or a chest of drawers alone. Some of our furniture options feature glass display cabinet-style cupboards that let you display your favourite decorative pieces and photographs. At Nestatnumber20 we have a stunning range of Welsh dressers that are handcrafted from locally sourced oak and pine and then hand-painted in your choice of Farrow and Ball paint. 

Find a Style That Works For You

There are many styles of modern Welsh dressers that can work well for you and your family in your home. At Nestatnumber20 we have a variety of different Painted Pine Welsh Dressers for you to choose from. Our dressers have cupboards for storage and then there are different options for the top half. For example, some dressers have cupboard doors which means you can store away your belongings and have a more tidy and minimalist look in your home. Other options are to have open shelves or glass fronted shelves or cupboards so that you can display your wares in your kitchen or dining room.

Extra Storage Space

Welsh dressers are great for offering you extra and versatile storage in your reception rooms. We love seeing clients use our dressers in their kitchens for china-ware and glasses, but also know that dressers are great in dining rooms for dinner-ware or living rooms for games cupboards and TV units.  Welsh dressers look lovely in generous hallways and are perfect for stowing away shoes and bags at the end of a busy day.

Display Ideas

One of the many brilliant aspects of owning a Welsh dresser is that they offer excellent display areas for your home. In your kitchen, you can show off your favourite mugs and bowls and in your dining room, your candlesticks and vases of flowers will look lovely. Dressers are perfect for displaying framed photographs in your lounge room and showcasing artwork and pottery pieces. A potted plant or some scented cut flowers will be just what you need to welcome you home if you have a dresser in your hallway. 

On-Trend Colour

Choosing the right colour and finish for your dresser is vital to help your investment piece fit into your living space. At Nestatnumber20 we understand that not every home needs to be filled with wooden tones and that is why we offer our customers the choice of any Farrow and Ball paint for their dresser to be hand-finished. There are many trending colours for homes as we head into the new year, but we recommend blues and greens to calm any home, reds and oranges to spice things up, or simply classic monochrome shades to suit any decor. 

The Perfect Size For Your Space

Of course, it is essential that you consider how large a Welsh dresser you need for your home. Some customers are seeking large pieces to dominate a wall space, whereas others simply want a storage and display unit that ties in beautifully with their existing furniture. We advise you to measure and re-measure any spaces you are considering placing a dresser. It can be really useful to use sheets of paper on the floor to get an idea of how big the furniture will be within the room. We are able to offer a variety of dresser sizes ranging from easy-to-squeeze-in anywhere 3 ft options up to impressive 10 ft numbers to fill your wall!