Choosing the right TV cabinet for your home can be a big decision. Here at You can always trust that a painted  TV Cabinet from Nestatnumber20 will be hand-crafted from sustainably harvested, responsibly sourced oak and pine because we never use chipboard or MDF. These beautiful pieces of furniture are made by our skilled carpenters, who employ traditional joinery methods and expertise.

Furthermore, you can select the exclusive Farrow and Ball paint colour you want us to finish the TV storage cabinet in, ensuring that it will blend in with the rest of your home’s furnishings and décor.

  • Size Matters

Your living room’s TV cabinet is likely its focal point, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be enormous or dominate the space. Before browsing for TV units, it’s a good idea to measure the size of your living room because you want the TV unit’s size to match the size of the space. You need a unit that is around 20% longer in length than your TV to ensure that the TV can be mounted on a cabinet safely (Although a flat-screen TV typically has a base for even weight distribution, you risk knocking the TV if the cabinet is too small). Also, take into account whether the device has enough weight capacity to support your TV.

  • Getting Viewing Height Correct

The TV screen height is crucial for achieving the best viewing comfort. Even though it may be difficult to have your screen exactly at eye level, you can obtain a TV stand that is as close as you can get to that height. Measure your eye level while seated to ensure that the centre of the TV isn’t too far over your line of vision for a customised configuration. Think about getting a TV stand with a mount, or getting an extra mount for your TV so you can customise the display’s level to suit you.

  • Choosing the Right Shape and Style

It’s crucial to consider the shape of the living room when selecting the ideal size TV cabinet for your space. If you’re fortunate enough to have a room with generous proportions, nearly any form and size will look good as long as the overall design complements your room’s décor. But what if your living room is small or has an unusual shape? We have a range of styles and finishes to suit any shaped room or space.

  • Finding a Style that Works for You

Look for a TV cabinet that complements the furniture in your living room. For you to match or blend your TV cabinet with your coffee table or sideboard, we have a variety of styles that are part of our collection at Nestatnumber20. Our TV cabinets have beautiful solid oak worktops and the rest of the unit is solid pine and painted in your colour choice of paint. However, the worktop can also be painted if you need fewer shades of natural wood in your room.  

  • Look Out For Extra Storage Space

One of the greatest ways to display your TV is to keep the space in your TV cabinet clear of clutter. Consider how many gaming consoles and set-top boxes you want to store. Make a note of each one’s specific measurements to ensure that they will fit. To keep your living room clutter-free and to store DVDs, remote controls, and headphones, look for designs with drawers, shelving, or cupboards with doors. Many of our units come with adjustable shelves and other space-saving ideas to work wonders for keeping your home as calm and tidy as possible! Get in touch today if you have any questions about our wonderful range of stunning solid oak and pine TV cabinets.