Nothing beats settling down at the end of a hard day of work to enjoy some television. To ensure that you have the best experience watching television though, it is not only important to have the best television set, but also the best TV cabinet to place it on. Finding the best TV cabinet can be a tricky thing to do, as you need to find one that complements your room without overpowering it while ensuring that your television is in the best location for comfortable and enjoying viewing.

To help you out so that you make the right choice when it comes to choosing the best TV cabinet for your home, we have put together a list of some great tips.

Make Sure It Matches The Room Size

Although your television unit will be one of the central points in your room, it doesn’t have to be oversized or the actual focal point. It may be a good idea to measure the dimensions of the room you are going to place your television cabinet, to make sure the size you choose is in line with the size of the room.

To ensure you have a cabinet with enough space for your TV, you want one that is approximately 20% longer than your TV. Also give important thought to whether the TV cabinet you are looking at will support the weight of your TV adequately.

Importance Of Appropriate Viewing Height

One of the key factors when it comes to maximising you and those in your household’s comfort watching the television, is the height of the screen. Although it may be next to impossible to place your TV at the most perfect viewing height, you will be able to find a cabinet that positions it as closely to the best height for your eye level as possible.

Ideal Shape To Fit Your Room

As well as the size of a TV cabinet, you also need to think in terms of shape. Think about the room shape. If you are fortunate and have quite a big room to put your television in, a unit of just about any size and shape will suit it. However, what do you do if your room is decidedly narrow or oddly shaped ion some way? This requires a lot more thought and planning.

The Best Style For The Room

Obviously when you are choosing any furniture, be it a new sofa or a solid pine painted TV cabinet (like those available from Nest at Number 20), you need to give consideration to the rest of the furnishing you currently have. It is crucial, if you don’t want it to stand out too much and become an eyesore, that you choose a TV cabinet that fits nicely with overall style you are looking to achieve. Though it doesn’t need to match everything in the room exactly, it can tie the room together better if it fits the style of other storage furniture or even the coffee table, for instance.

Remember To Consider Storage

By far the best way to showcase your TV and let your TV cabinet shine is by ensuring that it is always free from unnecessary clutter. This is why it pays to think about the storage you will need within your TV cabinet. If you have a lot of different boxes and consoles, you should keep a note of their dimensions and find a unit that will neatly fit them all in their own place, while proving you with enough drawers and cupboard space to store DVDs, CDs, games and any other accessories.