Although traditionally sideboards are used in dining rooms as a place to serve food and drinks; nowadays though, sideboards can be used in virtually any room in your house. With research and planning, there is a wide variety of different ways you can incorporate a sideboard with the décor currently in your home.

The Kitchen

If you want to bring a classic and understated style to your kitchen, a painted solid pine sideboard like those available from Nest at Number 20, will do the trick nicely. As they can be painted in any in the Farrow and Ball range, they are perfect for any interior scheme you have in your kitchen. As well as providing a very practical and versatile storage and display solution, they can also help to add a nice finishing touch to the room.

Home Office

Another interesting use for sideboard you may not have considered is in your home office, if you have one. Especially if you choose a sideboard with drawers. It will enable you to have a better area to motivate you to be more productive and think without worrying about your surroundings. With everything packed into drawers and cupboards, the top surface of a nice sideboard in your office can be used to display any credentials you have or something motivational.

Dining Room

Dining rooms are the place, as noted at the outset of this article, where sideboards originally were kept and it is no surprise really that they are an ideal place to house these attractive and functional pieces of furniture. If you are looking to break with tradition a little, you could look for a sideboard that comes equipped with a wine rack to display your favourite tipple. There can never be enough drawers in a dining room sideboard, but you could also place it in the centre as an island to eat from, particularly if you paired it with a set of stools.

Living Room

In the living room a sideboard can take on a whole new persona. It can not only be used as an attractive solution for storage demands, but also as a great way to display your prized collections or any trinkets and ornaments you may have. At Nest at Number 20, all sideboards are painted using Farrow and Ball paint, and with such an exquisite range of colours to choose from, once you have picked a particular style and design you like, you can find the perfect colour to match the décor of your living room.

The Kid’s Bedroom

Last but certainly not least, if you are looking for something a bit special to solve storage problems in your children’s bedrooms, you could opt for a smaller and more compact style of sideboard instead of a chest of drawers. Not only will there be enough space to neatly pack away clothes, but because of different sized cabinets and drawers, there will be space to tidy away all their toys, books and games too. Solid pine furniture is great for children’s bedrooms as it has a timeless quality, can be painted to fit with virtually any colour scheme and will stay standing despite considerable wear and tear.

While we hope the above has been helpful for showing you the real potential you have for placing a sideboard in different rooms as a storage and display unit. If you need further inspiration, why not browse the Nest at Number 20 website, or even get in contact with the helpful and customer focused team who will be more than happy to help you find the best sideboard for your family and household’s needs.