If you are interested in purchasing a natural solid pine sideboard from Nest At Number 20, but are unsure quite what you are going to do with it when you get it, we are here to help. They are not just classically sophisticated pieces of furniture that look great, but also have a wide range of practical uses too.

Traditionally, sideboards were used in dining rooms in a similar way to dressers – as a place to store and display crockery, platters and other items like fine glass-ware. However, the way to get the very best out of a sideboard is to make it work for you and meet your own specific needs and requirements.

In the following post, we will look at four great ways to use a sideboard in unique, aesthetically appealing and very practical ways.

Create A Clearer and Cleaner Work Area

When you work from home, whether it’s the odd day and here or in a more permanent capacity, it can quite a challenge having a space specifically for materials and items related to your work.

You could even place items like a wireless printer on your sideboard and other stationary and document files, so that they are not strewn throughout your house. As well as keeping you sane, it also will encourage your productivity as you will have a more professional looking work station. When you use an attractive sideboard that is understated in the room you use as a home office, with a small table, you can create an area that is by day a home office and by night a place for relaxing.

Toys, Toys, Toys

It can be a similar challenge to try and incorporate children’s toys into your living space without losing the style and sophistication of your décor. However, a well-chosen, painted natural pine sideboard could be used to store away your children’s toys out of sight while they are not being used. That way, when your children need their toys they are just a door away.

By doing this you are reining in their presence enough without squashing their need for exploration and fun. A house with children and children’s toys can still be a classy and sophisticated home too.

Display Your Prized Collections

Whether you opt for one with cabinet glass doors or a closed off sideboard, you can use the space to display those prized collections you are most proud of. Keep some sense of symmetry and store similar items together or go wild and give your sideboard an organised chaos look and feel.

Do you have a lot of natural world ornaments that could do with a permanent residency in your home? Make full use of the storage and display capabilities of a sideboard by transforming it into a home for all your ceramic, glass or whatever material ornaments and trinkets.

Think Outside The Box

Who said a sideboard has to look a certain way, be used for specific items or only be used for a certain function or purpose? Change things up and make it what you want it to be. Do you want to have a cocktail bar in your own home? Use your sideboard by storing glasses, cocktail shakers, straws, cocktail umbrellas and of course, alcoholic beverages and fruity mixers for when you are entertaining friends.

Is coffee more your thing? If you are one of these people who see coffee as more than just a beverage, you could use your sideboard solely for coffee and tea services. Line-up espresso and coffee machines along with teapots, cups, sugar containers and milk jugs so that coffee breaks are a lot more fun and classy.